The Park Hop!

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Pre-K Adventure


A park is the perfect Adventure for Pre-K kids. Whether it’s a picnic, a game of tag, or just lying on the grass and looking for shapes in the clouds– take some time to CREATE and CAPTURE Memories with your little ones.

Basic Adventure


For this Adventure check out some of the hidden treasures in Cache Valley. How many of these parks have you been to?  Try to visit at least 1 new park that you’ve never been to. Plan a family picnic, take a walk, fly a kite, play a game of frisbee. Anything your family enjoys to CREATE and CAPTURE Memories!


Providence City Parks:

Alma Leonhardt Park 310 West 250 North

Splash Pad 10AM-8PM

Pickleball Courts

Braegger Park 300 South 300 East
Brookside Park 38 East Spring Creek Pkwy. Dogs on Leashes allowed
Cattle Corral Park 150 East 200 South
Hampshire Park 575 South 285 West
Meadowridge Park 251 South 325 West
Uptown Park 100 East 100 North
Von Baer Park 350 East Center
Zollinger Park 51 North 200 West


Nibley City Parks:

Anhder Park – 294 West 3200 South
Elkhorn Park – 750 West 2600 South
Clear Creek Park – 2200 South 800 West
Nibley Gardens – Nibley Pkwy 2980 South
Virgil Gibbons Heritage Park – 2456 South 800 West
Meadow View Park – 3079 South 1600 West
Morgan Farm –   2726 South 800 West


Logan City Parks:

Adams Park – 550 N 500 E
Boulevard Parkway – 520 E Boulevard
Bridger Park – 1181 N 400 W
Bridgerland Park- 900 N 100 W
Brookside Park – 500 N Brookside
Canal Corner – 800 N 300 E
Canyon Entrance Park – US 89 & Canyon Rd
Canyon Road Park – 955 East Canyon Rd
Center Street Parkway – 231 E Center
Denzil Stewart Nature Park – 800 E 100 S
Devere and Velda Harris Park and Nature Preserve – Dry Canyon
Don Reese Park – 1200 N 400 W
Eliason Park – 200 N 500 W
Fairview Park/LAC – 451 S 500 W
Garff Wayside Gardens – 100 S Main
Gateway Park – Legrand St US 89-91
Hillcrest Park – 900 N 1500 E
Hyrum Gibbons Mt. Logan Park – 1400 E 350 S
Jens Johansen Park – 850 E 100 N
Jones Neighborhood Park – 400 W 625 N
Kilowatt Park – 331 S 300 W
Logan Meadows Park – 350 S 600 W
Logan Skate Park – 500 S 595 W
Lundstrom Park – 1600 E 1350 N
Lynn and Merle Olsen Park – Canyon Rd & Center
Majestic Park – 766 Majestic Drive
Merlin Olsen Central Park – 300 E Center
Morningside Park – 450 E 1150 N
Pioneer Parkway – 165 E Poplar Avenue
Quail Bluff Park – 1569 Quail Way
Quail West Park and Open Space – 1473 Quail Way
Ray Hugie Hydro Park – US 89 & Canyon Rd
Rendezvous Park – 1500 S US 89-91
River Hollow Park – 10 River Park Drive
Second Dam Park – 3670 E US 89
Soccer Park Complex – 1500 South Legrand St
Sumac Park – 1020 Sumac Drive
The Point – Mountain Rd & Cliffisde Dr
Trapper Park – 1497 South 1600 West
Willow Horseshoe Park – 500 W 700 S
Willow Park – 450 W 700 S
Willow Park Sports Complex – 500 W 700 S
Willow West – 500 W 700 S
*6th S Park – 1900 W 600 S (Future)
*1700 S Park – 300 W 1700 S (Future)



Super Achiever Adventure


SUPERAchievers will want to visit more than 1 new park. Go ahead and choose several parks you haven’t been to and organize an official Park Hop day with family or friends to  visit 3-5 parks in the same outing.


You may want to combine this with the bike riding Adventure and ride your bikes from park to park. Be sure to take a group photo at each park that you visit and post it to your social media sites to introduce others to the new parks as well.

Teen Adventure


Organize a summer Park Hop with your family or friends. Choose 3-5 parks you haven’t visited before for your Park Hop Day. At each location be sure explore the unique benefits of the location and/or the amenities. Be sure to take a group photo at each park and post it to your social media sites so that others can be introduced to these less-known parks as well.

Photo Location

Take a picture of yourself at the park and post it to your social media so you can introduce others to your newfound treasure.

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