The Mentor

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Pre-K Adventure


Having a mentor is an exciting and valuable experience! Let a parent or a sibling be your mentor for one month. Spend time with them. Learn from them. Enjoy the mentoring experience!

Basic Adventure


One definition of mentor is “someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person”.

  • Who do you know that you could be a mentor to?
  • Do you have a younger sibling or a younger student that could use a little help?
  • Maybe you are particularly good at math or spelling or another topic and could mentor a friend or another student who is struggling a bit in the subject.


Find someone to mentor and spend at least a couple of hours over the next few weeks mentoring them.

Super Achiever Adventure


A SUPERAchiever will not only want to continue the mentoring relationship where they are the mentor, but they will see the incredible value of having a mentor and will want to find someone to mentor them!


Who do you know that is good in something that you want to get better at?


Maybe you know an older student that just seems to have it together in general and you would like to be mentored by them in general living and life skills. Ask them to be your mentor. Most people are honored to be asked and happy to spend some time with you periodically to help you become the very best you can be.

Teen Adventure


Mentor UP!


Mentoring Up is the concept of younger people mentoring those who are older than them. This is particularly helpful in the world of technology. For this Adventure find a parent, grandparent, or older neighbor that you can mentor in the use of the ever changing technology. Mentor them for however long it takes for them to pick up the skill that the two of you agreed to work on.


Remember that mentoring goes both ways. While you are teaching and mentoring your older friend, also take time to ask them questions and learn from their experience and expertise.

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