Kindness is the New Cool

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Pre-K Adventure


Learning how to make friends is an important skill to learn. Practice at home how to introduce yourself and invite someone to play by role playing. At the park, playgroup, or any other place that there is a group of kid’s practice these skills.

Basic Adventure


It’s amazing what a huge impact a simple smile can have on someone’s day. Take some time to look around and find someone who could use a little kindness to help them feel happy. Is there someone who hasn’t been invited to play? Is there someone who is playing but it seems they aren’t being included as much? Is there someone who looks like they just plain feel out of place? Reach out to them and invite them into your circle of friends. Make a special effort throughout the next week to include them and help them feel more a part of your group, or even just friends with you.



Super Achiever Adventure


Now that you have made a new friend from the ‘Kindness is the New Cool’ Adventure, expand the friendship to include others. Make a plan with your new friend to identify 2-3 other kids and bring them into your group of friends. Watch the ripple effect of your choice to be kind and keep a record of how many people you find that are impacted by it.

Teen Adventure


For this adventure notice those around you and say hi. Take time to introduce yourself to someone new. Be present to notice. By this I mean put your phone down and notice those around you. Make an effort to say ‘hi’ and smile. Watch the ripple effect as you are kind and how that changes not only your attitude but those around you.

Photo Location

Take a picture of you and your new friend(s) and post it to your social media sites with #UtahPTA and #MyDiscoveryDestination

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